Overview of the Department

The department of   Child Health Nursing has established in the year of 1995,  We provides students to find the best evidence-based options for caring for infants, children and adolescents to enable the application of best practice in clinical settings. We are committed to providing an environment which supports tailored learning and research-based nurse practice development concurrently.

We adopted the innovative teaching learning methods like WEB Forum and Self learning module to provokeknowledge and critical thinking, communication skill and leadership qualityamong students.In Clinical area we are practicing CBL, Inter Professional learning to improve collaboration and the quality of care, helps students to appreciate the importance of personalities and interpersonal skills. Providing value added course on learning disabilities of children for students because   the prevalence rate of behavioral disorders are high among children. So we took a step to offer this course for the students to get the job opportunity with Hospital and Learning disability clinics to practice as a independent Nurse practitioner Conducting practical examination by OSPE method to assess practical competencies in an appropriate, step-wise, methodical, objective and time-orientated manner with direct observation of the student's performance during planned clinical test stations


Mrs. Mary Minolin, Associate Professor


Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor






The mannequin is helpful for the students to practice the procedure like insertion of IV cannula, colostomy care, Exchange transfusion, umbilical cord catheterization in the lab, so that it makes the students to practice independently in the clinical setup Students are getting opportunities to perform paediatric procedures in simulation corner, self-learning Desk in the lab which helps to improve students’ knowledge attitude, skill and prepare them at global level. Following Simulation models are present in the lab.

  • Intravenous arm

  • Advance Baby Mannequin



The department of Child Health Nursing motivates the students to do Individual projects and inter disciplinary research. The total project conducted in the department is 50 in that 50 projects were published in national and international journal (Scopus indexed-4). The department Executes research activity in animal model to identify the effectiveness of natural effects on reducing drug inducing hyperlipidemia, The Post graduate student have done the study on effectiveness of liquid paraffin on diaper rash among new born babies which was implemented in SMCH and our rural, urban areas. It is significant achievement from the Department.

Research Areas

  • Adolescent Health

  • Learning disability

  • New Born care