The department of Community Health Nursing was established in the year 1992 with the B.Sc (N) programme. M.Sc (N) programme started in 2002 and P B B.Sc (N) initiated in 2009.The department has been promoting the knowledge of Community Health Nursing that will ensure competence in working at the different levels of health care arena in community. Now the innovative methods like Context based learning first time in India introduced by the department. Small group learning was introduced through educational workshop and Self Learning Assessment Module, Web Forum, Self learning Desk are in practice.

The students and faculty members keep pace with the recent developments in the subjects through regular guest lecture by experts to discuss the recent advancement in various nursing. The department is committed to improve health status of the community through educating and providing services to the people such as Mass awareness programme, health camps, Screening, National heath programmes, Surveillance, Epidemic control measures, risk management services etc. Community service started from Noombal in 1993 and gradually expanded to Senneerkuppam, Kuthambakkam, Nayapakkam, Mevalurkuppam, Thandalam, Thirumazhisai and Vellavedu. The health services extended by own rural health centre at Kuthambakkam and urban health centre at Thirumazhisai. Inter professional Community practice is possible at our department along with Medical and Physiotherapy. Disaster Management training is conducted by YRC to the students. RRC activities are carried out like AIDS awareness by Rally and Tuberculosis awareness along with DTC Centre. Swachh Bharath Abiyaan is in practice by the volunteers.


Head of the Department

Dr.Bhuvaneshwari.G, M.Sc(N), Ph.D, Associate Professor


Dr.S.Tamil Selvi, Asst. Professor

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Mrs.Vimala, Assistant Professor

Clinical Instructor /Tutor


Community Health Nursing Laboratory is equipped fully with all Community service equipments, Family Folders, Various audio visual Aids and simulation models like IUCD insertion and Rapid Sand filter, Sludge Process and Septic Tank Latrine to practice the procedures before they practice in the community and it creates real life experience and develops skill. The department is equipped with library of adequate number of books as well computer with Wi-Fi facility as learning resources.


The faculty is actively involved in various research activities and they are encouraged for paper presentation at national and international conferences and publications in other indexed journals, Scopus indexed journals. The total number of publications 56 and projects 217. Journal Presentation used to be done by faculty and students periodically. The department is collaborating with other departments by the way of Inter Disciplinary Research Project. Research sensitization programme is conducted to motivate the students to do innovative research projects. Individual research projects were implemented for under graduate students from 2014 onwards for Community Internship project which is unique feature among other Nursing colleges.