MSc Nursing

Saveetha College of Nursing offering PG course from 1995 in all the branches. We focus on developing their abilities managerial, leadership, and research aspects. Post graduate students are exposed to a variety of teaching and learning methods including seminars, discussions, problem-solving activities. It helps them to experience and transfer their learning in order to develop the higher level of knowledge and skills required for specialist and advanced practice. In Clinical area we are practicing CBL, Bed side clinic, nursing conference   Inter Professional learning to improve collaboration and the quality of care, helps students to appreciate the importance of personalities and interpersonal skills. Our clinical area is enriched with various recent technologies & treatment modalities in the management of critically ill patients and also it provide opportunities for our students to conduct individual and inter professional project to provide evidence based and high quality patient care. Our learning environment promoting our student to take the role as a as advocate, Administrator, researcher, counsellor and manager.

Best Practices

Inter professional learning and research
Interdisciplinary learning
Action research


First Year

1.Nursing Education
2.Advanced Nursing Practice
3.Nursing Research & Statistics
4.*Clinical Speciality - I

Second Year

1.Nursing Management
2.Nursing Research ( Dissertation)
3.*Clinical Speciality - II