Student’s welfare Committee :

    Discussing the common problems to the respective teachers which the students are facing in clinical, college and hostel.
    Motivating the students to participate in various programmes
    The students relaxes themselves by doing yoga.
    Guidance and Counselling
    Career guidance for the students
    Education  Tour

Sports Committee

         The sports committee is responsible for motivating the students to take part in sports.
         Maintaining the sports articles and  First Aid Box.
         Helping the staff in-charge to conduct sports competitions successfully.
         Maintaining record of the Sports events and winners list.

Health Committee:

        Encourage the students to maintain healthy life style and healthy environment.
        Helping the staff to update their health record.
        Checking cleanliness once in a week in all the students room
        Maintenance and updating of health record.
        Caring of students those who fell sick and inform to the College authority.

Cultural Committee:

       Motivate the students to participate in the cultural events
       Schedule and conduct the cultural events
       Costumes and other necessary things are arranged by the committee members
       Maintaining records of  the cultural events and winner list

Curriculum committee:

    Get suggestion from the students about the curriculum students friendly
    Find out problems faced by the students in curriculum implemented strategies
    Motivate students to develop study habits
    Promote peer mentoring. 

Mess Committee:

    Maintaining hygiene in Mess
    Getting suggestion
    Following mess rules and regulations
    Committee members take responsibility to monitor that no students skips the meals.
    Reporting the problems related to the mess and inform to the mess in charge.