Obstetrics and Gynaecological Nursing is an extensive branch of nursing science dealing with women in relation to her reproductive organs, childbirth, and care of women before and after childbirth. This department was established in 1996 with theaim towards excellence in clinical practice and strives to provide the students with various aspect of midwifery care to become competent and caring midwives both in Undergraduate and Master’s level.

Innovative teaching method as Context Based Learning (CBL) was implemented in 2014. Students of SCON are the first set of students in the country to be exposed to CBL (Context Based Learning) in midwifery.  Innovative teaching methods like Interprofessional learning (IPL) by including Nursing, Medical, Physiotherapy studentsin 2013 was implemented in clinical teaching.. We have started Inter Professional Team Bulding- (IPTB) in 2015. Self assessmentlearning module and Web forumdiscussion was introduced in 2015   to promote self learning attitude among the students.

Individual projects was initiated and encouraged in 2014 to promote Evidence Based Learning . Students are motivated to do Inter disciplinary research.

We are practicing Objective structured practical examination (OSPE) method to conduct practical examination and quantum skill assessment method for formative evaluation.


  Experienced Nursing Faculty members with Doctoral Degree adds strength to the department.

Head of the Department

Prof.Dr. KALABARATHI.S ,M.Sc(N), Ph.D (N), Principal


Mrs. Muthulakshmi, ASSOCIATE Professor

Mrs.Jessy Rani,Assistant Professor

Mrs. V. Resmy Assistant Professor

Tutors/ Clinical Instructors


The department has a very good Infrastructure to promote ideal Learning both for Undergraduates and Postgraduates.

The Laboratory is equipped with

  • Instruments and models

  • Pelvis and Fetal skull

  • Mannequins

  • Audio-visual aids

Hands on training – Simulation Lab

Simulator are an additional asset and highlight the department that permit Nursing students to acquire complete birthing experience through simulation-based learning all these provide knowledge ,skills and attitude to resolve practical dilemma in real life situation.

  • Manual birth simulator,

  • Episiotomy suturing simulator

  • Antenatal palpation simulator,

  • Vaginal Examination simulator

  • IUD insertion simulator

  • Self learning desk

  • Simulation models


Today the evolution of Nursing research is recognized in relation to contemporary nursing. Therefore faculty members and students are encouraged to participate and promote nursing research in rural healthcare to meet the healthcare needs of the women. OBG Nursing department had conducted research in rural and urban areas. The result of some of the following research outlines its own significance.

Number of Projects Completed:    84

Number of Publications;                29   (Scopus indexed journal – 8)              

No of ongoing Projects:                 22