Department of Nursing Foundation enables the students to gain adequate knowledge regarding basic specialized procedures relevant to Nursing Foundation, develop desirable attitude and skill in applying the recent trends of nursing process with appropriate scientific principles in care of patients with medical & surgical condition in various clinical settings of National and International level.

 The Department aims to provide training in basic nursing procedure which will enable the student to attain competent skills in patient care. The students are given effective training in laboratory under simulated conditions before they could perform in actual clinical settings.

The Department provides a wide variety of opportunities for students to improve their critical nursing skills and further develop their clinical judgment necessary for safe and competent clinical practice.

The current focus on patient safety in the healthcare environment presents a need for innovative learning strategies in nursing education.

Innovative TeachingStrategies –Theory

In addition to the traditional teaching methods we have introduced

1.      MILA (Multi interactive Learning Algorithm)

Sessions consisting of 20 minutes lecture class followed by 20 minutes of self learning activities by the students, based on the following 9 strategies.

  • SCALE UP-Student centric activity learning environment Small Groups- Activity focused on students specific issues

  • POGIL- Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning(Guiding the search for solutions to questions)

  • CONCEPT MAPPING- (Group session to interrelate concepts)

  • Led Team Based Learning – Good student is nominated to lead a team to complete learning objectives.

  • Role JIGSAW – (Small group discussion + shuffling and new groups task completion)

  • Game Based Learning (Interactive games to teach specific concepts)

  • Critical Pedagogy (Critique and detect errors in faulty reports)

  • Play – Enact multi stage interaction based concepts

  • Flipped Class - ( Students view a previously recorded lecture and report to class to discuss)

2. Self Learning Module

Self Learning Module is prepared learning material readied by the Eminent Faculty. Overview is delivered by the mentor. Students are divided into small groups and they are issued subject materials, time is given to study the material and learning takes place through discussion among the group.

3. Web forum discussion

A problem based/ case based scenario is posted by the mentor through web portal which stimulates student critical thinking and problem solving skills and through active discussion 24/7 learning takes place.  This discussion provides for reviewing clinical performance in debriefing sessions, an essential part of learning.                       

Innovative Teaching Strategies –Practical

4. Simulation Corner

Students participate in realistic scenarios that provide hands-on experience using real equipment and newly learned skills in a simulated practice setting.

5. Self learning desk

The equipment and steps of procedure are placed in the laboratory 24/7 which is utilized by students as and when students are ready to master their skills.

Assessment strategies                                                                                      

1.      Quantum assessment is a formative assessment which is unique in Saveetha College of Nursing and not practiced in any other nursing colleges.

2.      OSPE- Objective structured practical examination is being used during the practical examination. Here the student is made to perform various skills in different clinical stations.


Head of the Department

Ms. PARIMALA.L M.Sc (N) , Associate Professor ,Vice Principal



M.Sc (N)

Associate Professor


M.Sc (N)

Associate Professor

Tutor /Clinical Instructor

Faculty of Clinical Psychology

Mr.P.Dinakaran, M.Sc, M.Phil (NIMHANS), PGCPC    Read More

Mr.P.Dinakaran, M.Sc, M.Phil (NIMHANS), PGCPC Read More

Mr.P.Dinakaran, M.Sc, M.Phil (NIMHANS), PGCPC

Faculty of Nutrition and Dietetics

Mrs.N.KAVITHA,B.sc., M.sc(FRM)., M.SC (DFSM)


Saveetha College of Nursing is attached to Saveetha Medical College & Hospital, a 1200 bedded multispecialty hospital, with an average bed occupancy of 75%.  The students are provided with an opportunity to master their skills in real clinical setting.

The nursing foundations lab is a 10 bedded lab measuring 2000 sqft is well ventilated and spacious, is   furnished with latest and suitable equipment, instruments and mannequins - viz stainless steel, glass, aluminium, enamel, rubber, and plastic articles. The lab is well stocked with adequate linen to master their clinical skills

Special Equipments-

  1. Mannequins with rhythm recognizer

  2. Unisex multi task mannequins

  3. Catheterization mannequins

  4. Intravenous cannulation Arm

  5. Enema mannequins